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Ethanol fuel problems - Mechanic in a bottle - Water in tank - Engine repair - BC3 | Fuel Medics

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FuelMedics.com was started by engine enthusiasts and problem solvers. Tired of having difficulties in operating their equipment, trucks, toys, yachts, wave runners and generators, engine repair; went on a hunt for a solution.

After researching and buying hundreds of additives in their local marine and auto shops they realized that most additives do not do what they claim.

Our biggest concern was to find a product that would stabilize fuel and prevent or remediate water intrusion to the tanks. The final straw was drawn when the government mandated the addition of ethanol into gasoline. We found ourselves speaking and complaining to various mechanics and engine manufacturers about problems associated with ethanol or ethanol fuel problems without any answers to our concerns.

Most of them blamed the fuel for engine malfunction. Fuel Solutions Distributors LLC D/B/A/ Fuel Medics.com was then formed. Fuel Medics.com knew that there was a problem in the Marine, Transportation, Mining, Construction, Generator, and Gasoline Dispensing Stations on how fuel is stored and treated. Boaters and every day people where experiencing problems, with their engines. Specifically when they went to start an engine of a boat, yacht and or stored generator. They would often find the fuel inside had de-composed or was no longer valid causing hard starts and often catastrophic engine failures.

After careful research and trying different formulas in the market place, and collaboration of fuel chemists we formed the perfect formula. Our products which are unique in their proprietary formulations are comprised of components that have been safely used in fuels for many years.

We needed a fuel additive that did not have any alcohols or metals that could harm the engine. We also wanted an additive that would reduce emissions, reducing  smoke, reduce the usage of fuel (save money and cost effective), and clean our engine from the inside and most important one that would remove water not by encapsulation but by water dispersion technology.
In most cases we found that common ailment in all fuel related issues was the
presence of water and or condensation in fuel.
When water and fuel mixes it creates all sorts of side effects; some being extreme as
phase separation or the growth of algae and bacteria.

The most common side effect found was the development of white mucus like membrane that often clogs injectors, filters and various components. These side effects often cause major repairs and poor performance. Our objective was set, we needed a product that would do it all avoiding the necessity to purchase many different products. We needed one complete fuel treatment in one bottle.

FuelMedics.com makes available different formulas for different fuels: Ethanol Medic (Ethanol Fuel), Diesel Cleaner (Diesel and Bio Diesel), Mechanic in a bottle and various deviations for different uses. FuelMedics.com is obsessed on getting the product to the masses, companies, fleets and governmental applications where the use of our product can save thousand’s and millions of dollars in preventive maintenance and fuel reduction.

FuelMedics.com products do not only save money but it also eliminates costly remediation of fuels. In addition it offers a green solution to the many antiquated processes in the treatment of fuels.

FuelMedics.com makes available different packaging and formulation containing chemicals benefiting in the increase of horsepower, high temperature detergent, octane improvement, fuel stabilization, emissions reductions, upper cylinder lubricity and water dispersion. Our focus is making our product available to Marinas, Boat yards, Mechanics, Mass Merchants and the end user.

We are true believers of producing products that are safe efficient and cost effective. Be affirmed that the composition of our formulas have been tested in the largest fleets in the world and have been used in all of extreme conditions.


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