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This is Darryl Farris manager at Farris Equipment in Greene, Maine. I was approached by my Gardner-Connell sales rep. about selling your product. I ordered my first kit which contained a mix of your product. I used the 37361 2 & 4 Cycle Engine Medic on my 2002 GMC Sierra service truck which had an issue with the check engine light.

Sometimes the light would blink & at times it would stay on. After adding the Fuel Medic to my vehicle which was filled with about 34 gallons of regular gasoline, I started to drive just like I would every day. Sometimes it may be 6 or so miles and sometimes it may be 20 miles. After 1/4 of the fuel was used from my tank the Check Engine light stopped coming on except on starting (so I know the light still worked). The light has NOT come back on and the vehicle seems to run better than it has in years. I also added 83559 to a generator during a power outage,which was running, but engine was not running smooth. After a short time the carburator and engine started to run smooth and I did NOT need to remove or clean fuel system or carb. Others have used this product in thier vehicles and had results like mine. At this time I use it often on my service jobs to maintain a happy customer when they want to start thier equipment in the spring or fall or during a power outage- and it works the way it did after they recieved my repair. I could tell of other cures your product has performed but all people need to know is it seems to work !

Thanks for coming up with your product.

Darryl Farris

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