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FAQ | Fuel Medics

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  • – Most engine failures start in your fuel
  • – Our additives contain no alcohols or metals that can harm your engine or components
  • – The older your engine the larger increase in fuel savings you will experience
  • – We manufacture our products without the use of alcohols and or metals
  • – Product burns like fuel and acts just like fuel, therefore you may not over treat.
  • – Product contains a water dispersing formula that will remove water from your tank. It does not replace your water separator system.
  • – Product burns clean and leaves a lubricant like substance inside your components
  • – Product will increase miles per gallon depending on how old your engine is. I will also reduce emissions by making your engine run cleaner. In some instances we have seen up to 30 % increase in mileage
  • – We recommend for remedial usage to double or tipple application, follow instructions
  • – Our product burns clean and does not crystallize therefore leaving a clean like lubricant inside your components
  • – None of our products contain any products that can harm your engines seals, pistons and electrical sensors.
  • – Most components used in the creation of our product have been tested thoroughly throughout the engine manufacturing industry.
  • – Fuel additive cannot void your warranty due to an act enacted by congress. Regardless, there are no components in our products that can arm your engine, valves, hoses or electronic sensors.

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