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Testimonials | Fuel Medics

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I wanted to take the time to thank you for introducing Sea Tow Biscayne Bay to Ethanol Medic. Your product really works! Ethanol Medic has increased the performance of our tow boats and lowered our response time. It has also decreased our down time for fuel related repairs. For example we used to change the spark plugs on our tow boats on a weekly basis. Now we only change them once a month. That is a tremendous savings! Ethanol Medic has been very effective in eliminating the water problems associated with the ethanol in our fuel. It has saved us thousands of dollars on fuel pump and relatedrepairs that we were doing regularly before beginning a scheduled regimen of adding ethanol medic to all of our five of our towboats in service here in Miami. Again, thank you for introducing me to ethanol Medic. I want to thank Kingsway Marine for continuing to provide us with the highest level of service. We appreciate your responsiveness to our company’s needs. You have provided us with a level of service that has been above and beyond the call of duty. I look forward to continuing to do business with you for many years.

Scott McClary
Sea Tow Biscayne Bay


I recently purchased a bottle of Gasoline/Marine Medic from you in an attempt to solve idle and slow speed stalling problems my E-Tec 90HP was having (this motor has over 2,000 hrs on it). I am impressed with the results of adding this product to my fuel. In less than 1 tank of fuel the motor smoothed out, no longer stalls, and runs smoother thru all speeds. I added the product to my tow vehicle and it too runs smoother and stronger. I plan to continue to use the product and recommend it to all our valued clients.

Thanks for the advice.


Jay Greenbaum, Owner Responder Boats (www.responderboats.com)
Responder Boats
Connellys Springs, NC. 28612


Hello David,
Sorry it took so long to get back to you.

Here is my list of engines where I now use the “fuelmedics” product:
Chainsaw (Stihl)
Weed eater (Stihl)
Limb saw (Stihl)
Go-cart (Tomberlin)
115 hp 2 stroke Outboard (Yamaha)
1999 Chevrolet Tahoe
1993 Volvo 940 Turbo

The chainsaw and the go-cart both had to have new carbs due to varnish
clogging. They would not start and if I managed to get them started would
run terribly. Since the new carbs have been installed I have been using
fuelmedic with amazing results. I do not have to run the gas out of the
carbs and the both start like they were brand new.

The 115 hp outboard starts/idles and runs like new as well. The big issue
with this engine was water in the fuel. Even with a water separator I still
had issues. when I started using fuel medics I no longer have to wonder if
my motor is going to run properly.

My wife’s old Volvo had starting and idling issues. Once I started adding
fuelmedics at every fill-up this issue has disappeared.

I know the big issue is the ethanol in the fuel but fuelmedics has solved
that problem in spades!!

Thanks for a great product!!

Jeff McCrea
Customer Support Manager – South Region
Service Department “Our Mission Is Customer Retention”
Komatsu America Corp.


I just returned from a trip to Bimini on my 32 ft. Pursuit with twin 225hp Yamahas. I purchase a bottle of your additive at River Marine prior to my trip and added it to my tanks (310gallons). I noticed a difference in the fuel mileage this trip compared to one just a few weeks ago. I would say it was about 0.2 to 0.3miles per gallon of an improvement without any other changes. I always gas up at the same marina.

I will keep using your product and recommend it to others.

River Marine Supply Inc
Place page
260 Southwest 6th Street
Miami, FL 33130-2911
(305) 856-0080


Success story on FM

Cooks in  Lufkin  Phil Thomas has developed some good movement in the area.

A client bought some 12 oz diesel medics and He introduced it to several logging companies.  They are coming back to him and buying it in volume.  They have all commented they dumped it,  that is correct dumped it, in their skidders loaders and logging trucks and noticed increased fuel performance after the first tank.  Diesels quit smoking and they want it!  Say units running better they can see and feel the difference.

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